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There have been a few times in our history when we have had the opportunity to either stream or archive a live performance. Here you will find all archives from such events that we have been able to preserve.
1999 Pepperell Folk Festival
1999 Pepperell Folk Festival
In the summer of 1999, we decided to go one step further and produce our own cybercast from a live music event. Like Lowell, Pepperell was a free festival but it lacked any local radio coverage. After days of preparation and stringing hundreds of feet of phone wire to enable dial up Internet from a field, the live cybercast got off to a good start. But a series of problems beyond our control took us off line permanently after only a couple of performances. We were, however, able to archive two of the latter sets, one by Cliff Eberhardt, the other by Magnolia, a Cajun band from Rhode Island. Sadly, these two final features turned out to be the swan song for the Pepperell Folk Festival, which subsequently folded after only a four year run.
1998 Lowell Folk Festival
At a time when relatively few radio stations were streaming their audio over the Internet, we decided to try a first: offer a live stream of the 1998 Lowell (MA) Folk Festival to a world-wide audience. We made arrangements with station WLLH, whose seasoned staff had been covering this event annually for several years. This broadcast from July 26, 1998 lives on in our archives. Featured performers in this 3 hour 50 minute clip include:

Jerry O'Sullivan, Brian Conway & the late Tony Cuff

Martha Wright & the BMW's

Little Milton and the All Stars

Lowell FF Clip
1998 Lowell Folk Festival
Both clips recorded on Saturday, August 14, 1999
52 minute clip
53 minute clip
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